scooters vacation fall

Er, i dunno but er let's assume Henri's right ( we can't be sure, & i don't like assumptions here because they tend to mix with very extremely human desires so they tend to get kinda worsening the thing however bad it already was, the message then becoming kinda similar to asking a little girl after she fell if it hurts, it didn't really but since you were asking. Most of all these assumptions rule out the obvious option of doing something right now, because they open discussions we shouldn't be having. It doesn't matter what good intention there is in making these assumptions, they are illegal because they are inacceptable.) but let's assume we have crossed some borders, that does seem a rather reasonable assumption sometimes, and all that plus considering the state this morbid little thing of a word is in, don't you think we are well er kinda immoral in applying that word to any effort that would be included in your question. What are you planning on, anyway? Embellishing Katrina after we have failed to hear the warnings? Would that be a Tinkerbell Katrina? Or sell scaled replica's of genuine genocides? Market emergency procedures perhaps by making the marketing of emergency procedures a procedure of its own? Neo-endgames to circle the vortex to Mr Strange Attractor Himself?

I mean don't we need to rework the obviously rhetorical trickster into sth usefull like what direction are you gonna give to creative energies to avoid them being consumed by the same process that is consuming the planet? What educational rhythm do you need to be in, how are you gonna avoid the obvious pitfalls of depressing didactism, cheap nihilism or some horribly Romantic the Lady-Our-Savioresk bs etc ( hm I think I'm starting to like that last one)

Of course Henry is right but it simply is not an option, so we need to take control and act from there. If you insist on this A-business some folks will get into trouble with the laws on indecent behavior at some point, I mean you can't keep doing whatever it is you're planning on to corpses in public. Poems do get finished, they're done when it ends, you need to move on to the next or you'll be ruining the beauty of the one you just wrote.

Like teach them when to label a blog post 'scooter, vacation, fall' when the web-application tells you to do that and when to label it 'fall, scooter, vackution'. I think perhaps the public just loves it when you let them in on a secret, but you gotta dj them, never give them what they want cause then they go home, make 'm danse first


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